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whether leasing, maintenance, to routine inspections… we got it all covered!

Here’s a review highlight from one of our clients:

It’s truly amazing. I can’t believe what you’ve achieved in such a short time and with considerable obstacles.

Thank the team for being just amazing! I know how hard it must be for you starting a new booming business!!! We can’t thank you enough. You guys are the Superman of property management!

OMG, Bloody legend. You can add this to quote and you even washed our sheets and towels and made our bed!!! Australia needs more people like you! Absolutely perfect.

Our property manager Courtney Bradbury is such a wonderful person and an absolute delight to deal and is always so helpful. I truly wish there were more people like her in the realestate industry. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Propper to anyone who was interested in buying or renting. That’s how well we have been looked after by Courtney Bradbury.

Jeffrey Paull

We’ve rented for around three months. The house we have had a few little things that needed to be fixed. Courtney made fixing all these thing up a breeze. Most property managers don’t bother to follow up to see if they job was completed, but she does. Courtney is so down to earth and genuinely cares. She gets back to you so quickly as well. In terms of the application process, although there is not much human interaction the process is pretty slick. I’m a very happy tenant.

Greg Ward

You have been managing our property for a while now. We have found Courtney to be professional, helpful and friendly. Owning and managing a rental property half way across the country is challenging, but Courtney has helped us through a number of issues and given us good advice. We would highly recommend Courtney and her team.

Daniel Irwin


We manage your leasing campaign to find you the most suitable, long-term tenants


We organise fast repairs for any maintenance issues at your property, always approved by you


We physically conduct all inspections thoroughly, and on time